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Matthew Holley  - OwnerHolley Homes

I grew up in a home where hard work was encouraged and appreciated; this led me to my first job/apprenticeship at twelve years old.  Because I worked each summer and on the weekends, by senior graduation, I knew “what I wanted to be when I grew up;” I wanted to continue what I’d been doing…building and renovating houses.  By nineteen years old, I had built my first home from ground up and was working on acquiring my electrical license.  At twenty-two years old, in 2003, my dream became a reality when I started my own company Holley Homes & Renovations. 

Holley HomesMy daily challenge is to deliver each customer an outstanding job by paying attention to detail and never cutting corners.  Although I’m often criticized for being too picky, I take it as a compliment and testimony of the quality of work completed.  Because your safety and the safety of your family is a top priority for me, I strive to meet all current building standards and codes through continuing

I understand the importance of adding value to your investment by doing it right the first time.  With Holley Homes & Renovations, expect excellence!


Holley HomesHolley Homes